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Comments on Nordic Passion CD:
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"Thank you so much for wonderfully played piano music. I'm always touched when a foreign artist records Danish composers, and when it's done by an excellent artist like yourself I'm honoured. I so much like your "Six Character Pieces" by Hartmann."
Viggo Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 2008


"We haven't stopped playing it and we both love your selection of pieces, your delivery, and how the selections fit together. Bravo!! ...I was terrifically moved by your showcase at OSAC" Saskia and Darrel de la Ronde, January 2008


"You are really talented. I find there is like a warmness in the way you play and also a bit of mischiefnous...Like you are breaking the rules a bit, even though, technically, I don't know what the rules are. It just seems like there is more energy in your music then in the way other pianists play."
Nadine, California, December 2007


"The manner in which you play can only attract attention and "éveiller tous nos sens". Your music is full of magic, freshness, beauty and intensity."
Nathalie Sergent, Montreal, December 2007


"Willy and I are so very pleased to have your new CD and thought you might like to know how much we are enjoying it. We think the piano sound is marvellous. We wish you further successes!"
Judith Marshall-Olsen & Willy Olsen, Montreal, November 2007


" Oh my goodness!!! Your CD arrived here yesterday and I've been playing it all yesterday and today It is SOOOO wonderful. I can't begin to tell you how much pure pleasure it has been giving Helen and me. You are unbelievable."
Sarah Paltiel, C.M. Montreal, April 2007


"Min mor har fået din CD Derek og hun er helt vild med den."
Martine Ravn, Denmark, November 2006


"Det er en fornoejelse at lytte til din CD, saa jeg vil gerne goere en indsats
for at- flere- Danskere kan faa mulighed for at opleve dig."
Ellen Dahl-Lateigne, Denmark, December 2006


"Your CD is wonderful. I enjoyed listening to it very much and will listen to it many times more."
Robert MacLeod, Ottawa, October 2006


"It was such a wonderful experience listening and watching you play in concert, and that piano had such a smooth and complete sound. I have been listening to your CD at the studio and at work (when time permits!) and find it inspiring especially with this series of landscapes which I am painting. You are a very talented pianist! The mix / choice of music on the CD is a perfect blend. Well done!"
Annika Diehl, Montreal, October 2006


"We just listene to the first broadcast. It was amazing. You have skills. We can't wait until the next broadast. We will be listening!"
Eric Gauthier and family (about CD broadcast)

Comments on LIVE performances:

"BRAVO for a terrific concert!"
Byron Toben, attended Lachine Music Festival on July 16, 2008


"An outstanding performance! Outside on the street talk was of the glorious performance. Congratulations!"
Gloria Lesser, attended Lachine Music Festival on July 16, 2008


"You are truly an amazing pianist and I thoroughly enjoyed the programme!!"
Elaine Miller, attended Lachine Music Festival on July 16, 2008


"Your recital was great and enjoyed by both Vicky and I.
A new experience in music for myself but really enjoyed it."
Eddy "A new fan" Brennan, attended Lachine Music Festival on July 16, 2008


"Just want to tell you how very much my friend and I enjoyed the concert. I loved seeing you perform the pieces I know fairly well from the CD we have, and the Nielsen was an unfamiliar delight. My friend felt she had been introduced to interesting "new" music, excluding, of course, the familiar Lyric Pieces by Grieg. In addition, may I compliment you on the ease with which you presented your program.

The audience response to all this says it all! "
Judith Marshall-Olsen, attended Lachine Music Festival on July 16, 2008


"I would like to thank you again for a great concert last Friday. It was fabulous. I really enjoyed it."
Natalia Askinazi, attended Grieg Piano Concerto on May 2, 2008


"I attended the concert Northern Highlights and I enjoyed it very, very much. You play beautifully and I keep listening to the record I purchased last summer.

You really have a 'feel' for music and sometimes I feel you are playing with a mischievous twitch, which is delightful, I hope you will continue your enthusiasm for Scandinavian composers, it is wonderful to listen to composers from 'home' and you play them just lovely.

I wish you all the best with your music, you are just GREAT.

Thank you.
Mange hilsener"
Birte Paul, attended Grieg Piano Concerto on May 2, 2008


"I really enjoyed your concert last Sunday. As I mentioned to you afterwards, several of the pieces brought me to tears, which is how my spirit reacts to beauty, so thank you for such tender and evocative playing. I'm very glad to have heard you.

I enjoyed your talks in between and after the concert, too."
Alison Dale, attended Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society recital on Sept. 9, 2007


"You gave a really fine recital yesterday in Waterloo. It was a very persuasive demonstration of the enormous range of Grieg's writing for the piano, in the Lyric Pieces of course but also in the Sonata, as well as the piano version of the Holberg Suite.

I've been going to Jan's concerts for about 9 months, I think, and (your recital) was amongst the most warmly received. For once, the term curtain call could be understood literally. That audience wanted you to come back up the stairs. I heard only very enthusiastic comments at intermission and afterwards, with the occasional hint of surprise in the voice: "I think he's really very good!! And I love watching him!!" said one of my neighbours.

The chat with the audience went really well... You had the audience charmed. A really feel-good evening. The pieces worked very eloquently and movingly for me.

Anyway, a great evening."
- Harry Lane, attended Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society recital on Sept. 9, 2007


"Thank you for a wonderful recital last night. It was so nice to see you again (first time was in Grimsby in 2004). My brother came with us this time especially to hear the Holberg. I knew he'd be impressed. He was not disappointed!! We loved the whole program. Very much enjoyed your question period too....so pleasant and interesting."
- Ruth Falk, attended Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society recital on Sept. 9, 2007


"You're suuuperb...even more lovely to realise that you are one marvellous talent. It was so fortuitous that I had lunch with an old friend on Friday and saw your name and asked if I could be her guest. Anyway, in an overcrowded profession you are way up there all you need is the luck to hit the heights. As I said I went to St James's last week to the Claire de Lune event and that pianist was not a patch on you. I wrote you a poem but it's not good enough yet!!! Good luck."
- Ann Lloyd, author & publisher


"Vi svømmer helt hen over din dejlige musik som lyder gennem vore stuer, og desuden ser vi dine fingre danse hen over tangenterne så små danserinder. Du er utrolig dygtig og vi er taknemmelige over at hve fået et lille indblik i din musikverden."
- Neils Ebbe og Inger Huus


"The concert was fantastic, an absolute SUCCESS. All of us -Ingeborg, Irmtraud and yours truly -enjoyed every minute."
- Johannes & Ingeborg Eidnes, attended CD launch, November, 2006


"I wanted to congratulate you on such a fabulous evening. I`m really pleased I made it."
- Tiffany Young, attended CD launch, November, 2006


"What an awesome evening yesterday, the koncert was fantastic and it was a really a good idea with the question part. Stort tillykke med din først CD".
- Martine Ravn, attended CD launch, November, 2006


"Derek's CD launch / concert was absolutely spectacular!"
- Suzanne Crawford, President, University Women's Club


"Thanks for such an inspiring evening."
- Alice Homonko, attended CD launch, November, 2006


"I was very impressed with your performance, you are playing really well! The audience
response was excellent, as you probably realized."
- Javier Arciniegas, attended CD launch, November, 2006


"I have never heard "Kjempeviseslåtten" (Ballad of Revolt) played as well as (Yaple-Schobert) did for the Lakeshore Chamber Music Society in Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue 2 years ago."
- Kari-Gro Baltzersen


"You have a natural talent and the spirit is there".
- Paul Adjemian


"Thank you for an outstanding performance on Friday night, it was awe-inspiring. I look forward to the next time with great anticipation."
- Wenche Ainer Sharp, Royal Danish Embassy in Ottawa, Ontario, attended Sept. 30, 2005


"...a brilliant piano and poetry performance..."
- John W. MacDonald, attended Sept. 30, 2005 Ottawa International Writer's Festival


"You truly communicated the beauty of the music with warmth and style; we loved and were inspired by every minute of it."
- Pauline and John Warnica, attended Sept. 25, 2005


"Just wanted to thank you once again for the incredible performance on Saturday. I had one of those magical moments where the beauty of the music and the elegance of the playing transported me into the most interesting realms of reflection and where the sounds caused the evocation of intense emotions and contemplations. Even over the past 6 months, since I last heard you perform, your skill has grown exponentially and you held me completely mesmerized from start to finish. I look forward with the greatest anticipation for the next concert."
- Grant McIntyre, attended April 16, 2005


"Derek!!! You were simply unbelievable yesterday!! Your playing was, as always, superb and so was your stage presence. You proved to be a first-rate host, giving interesting and useful short introductions to each of the program items, in excellent French and English, and Danish too, which I assume was equally impressive. You were a considerate and helpful colleague to the ladies who sang and read poetry selections, and they seemed to value your expert assistance as highly as did the audience, which was clearly dazzled by this young artist who had been entrusted with such a large and varied part of the program. Felicitations!"
- Sarah Paltiel C.M., attended April 10, 2005


"Talk about blowing my mind. You ROCK - always have, but yesterday cemented it for me. World class!!"
- Flavio Monopoli, attended April 10, 2005


"Loved your recital in Grimsby! I can still close my eyes and hear every note!"
- Ruth Falk, attended Grimsby Church, Ontario recital, October 2004


"Bravo Derek! A stellar performance! Everyone loved your lively selections, warm communications with the audience and, of course, the brilliant playing. Thank you for the memorable evening."
- Robert Kerr, President of Kerr Financial Corporation, sponsor of May 27 & 29, 2003


"Your playing reveals a new star on the music horizon. You have earned the freedom to express yourself by rising far above your technique. I heard Glen Could’s first concert in Montreal in the 50’s and the debut of Ashkenazi.  I find no limits to your potential.”
- Abraham Kirshner


“Your recital was truly magnificent-an enthralling experience; not only because you played with mastery and grace, but because you played as an artist. Franck was something transcendental, pure exaltation". “…your impeccable pianistic technique and obvious mastery of your instrument but even more, the strong and expressive feeling of your phrasing. I confess that I had never heard any music by Niels Gade, and his name was unknown to me, but the Sonata you played by him was my favorite…”
- Dr. Eric Orsmby


“...your comments were just the right length, both in English and in French… I was really captivated by César Franck ‘s Prélude, Choral & Fugue.”
- Jacques Hains


“…a joy to hear such a magic and dynamic performance!”
- Professor Josef Schmidt


“I marvel at your complete mastery.”
- Fran Groen


“The second movement of the Concerto in D Major (Haydn) really spoke to me.”
- Dorothy Kidd


“I enjoyed every minute of it, (Yaple-Schobert) was absolutely superb.”
- Salwa Ferahian


“You gave me a wonderful, wonderful evening”
- Zipporah Dobrofsky, age 99


“Tusind tak for den fornøjelig aften forleden freday med dejlig Grieg musik...”
- Naomi Jackson


“Vi havde fornøjelsen… og glædede os over såvel musikken som de ledsagende kommentarer.”
- Jørgen Behnke, Danish Ambassador to Canada


“You know, I don’t really like classical music and I attend only because of my wife, but you were incredible!”
- Anonymous “fan”, Banff Arts Centre, Alberta, Canada